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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Photography Shoot cost?

It depends.

We offer packages from R950.00 but most of our clients spend from R1500 upwards because we offer photo books, canvas, metal and acrylic prints to give as gifts or hang in your house or office as decoration and we also assist in organising hair and make-up artists if you need them.


Do I have to use a hair and make-up artist?

No, you can opt to do your own.

However, normal “everyday” make-up is not made with photo shoots in mind. A professional artist will use products that will help you look your absolute best for the camera. I highly recommend selecting these services.

If you do opt to do your own, I recommend using flash eyelashes – just this once. They may “feel funny” but will make your eyes even more gorgeous in your photos.


Do you provide the wardrobe?

No. Every woman has her own taste in clothes. We are all also different sizes and shapes. It would be nigh on impossible to cater for everyone. By bringing your own outfits you can ensure proper fit and know you feel relaxed in them.


I am NOT a model! What if I don’t know how to pose?

Throughout the shoot I’ll direct you how to move so that you look fabulous and natural in your images. I’m not going to get you twisted like a pretzel or into some weird looking position. We’ll be aiming to capture the essence of your personality in the most natural, comfortable way possible.


I’m not my ideal weight. Should I still book?

Absolutely! You are a wonderful, beautiful woman right now, just as you are! We all have something we want to lose, nip, tuck or lift. But we should still celebrate and enjoy who we are now, at our current age and in our current shape. Time passes, your body may change. You will never be where you are now again. Embrace and celebrate where and who you are now at this stage in your life.


Can I bring a friend with me?

I prefer to work just with my client because creating gorgeous images of you will require that I have your full focus and attention throughout the shoot. Sometimes having an “audience” makes you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. To create the images I offer, I will be the only one giving directions on posing and other aspects while we are busy. If you really need someone for moral support and if your (one) friend is happy to sit quietly and just cheer you on, she is welcome.

Husbands, boyfriends and partners usually make it quite difficult for you to relax as you may feel you need to impress them. They are not allowed to join us for the shoot.


What type of retouching is included?

Your final images will include minor retouching, such as blemish removal, done at my discretion. My Rule of Thumb is: If it is a permanent part of you, it stays. Retouching to enlarge or shrink parts of you as well as other retouching that essentially changes what the camera captures can be done at an extra cost per image.


Should I get a tan before my shoot?

If this is the look you like, then sure! BUT do not tan on a tanning bed the day before or day of your session. Your tan may turn out orange in the images. Also be careful of over-tanning. You don't want your skin red, peeling, looking uneven or unnaturally dark for you. Also watch out for tan lines as these will show in your images. If you want to get a spray tan, please do it at least four days before your session to ensure that you are happy with the way you look before we start shooting.


What must I bring with?

Once you have booked your session, I will send you an email with a questionnaire to help us plan for the images you want. It will also include ideas of things you can bring to rock your shoot!



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