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How A Nude Shoot Works

How A Nude Shoot Works

Step 1: Getting you ready

If you’ve chosen to use a hair and make-up artist, you’ll relax and unwind while they do your hair and make-up. Alternatively you can come with your hair and make-up already done. Then we’ll have a relaxed chat about your shoot and decide which of your accessories to use when . You can just revel in having time for yourself!

Step 2: Capturing the best of you

Once you are ready, you’ll change into your first outfit. (Different packages allow for different numbers of wardrobe changes.) But aren’t Nude Shoots done, well, nude? Eventually, yes, but we’ll start with you wearing a robe or shirt or other form of covering. How much you take off from there depends on the details we decide on before your shoot.

Whether we are in studio or on location, we’ll then take a few test shots to check the light and allow you to get comfortable.

Warning! You don’t need to know how to pose!

Throughout the shoot I’ll direct you how to move so that you look fabulous and natural in your images. I’m not going to get you twisted like a pretzel or into some weird looking position. We’ll be aiming to capture the essence of your personality in the most natural, comfortable way possible.

Step 3: Finalising your images

Once we’ve finished photographing you, you may want to continue on to a night out with the girls – or your significant other – to continue celebrating just being you! I’ll then get started selecting and editing the best images from your session. These will normally be available within four weeks. As soon as your images are ready, I’ll give you a call so that we can get together for you to view them.


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